Succubi Image of the Week 671

From time to time there are examples of Succubi art in which there’s a mix of angel and devil that appears. This can work really well, and this week on the Tale, a wonderful example of this sort of idea…

Lilith Demon by Jowy

Lilith Demon by Jowy

This work is by the artist Jowy on Pixiv and you can find the original art here.

The mixture of a bit of an angel with a devil here works really well. The halo isn’t golden, meaning that perhaps she’s more of a fallen angel. Beyond that, her expression of wistful thought is strikingly powerful and really overcomes the balance of the art here. She’s a lovely Succubi, without question. her wings and horns are especially well done in their form and textures.

The question that I wonder about is the backstory she has…



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