Succubi Image of the Week 663

There are many anime Succubi characters, and from time to time I find an image of one that just makes me smile. So, for this week’s Succubi Image, something of a sexy action pose that amused me…

Internship project no.1 by MrDark91

Internship project no.1 by MrDark91

This work is by the artist MrDark91 on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here.

I really like her stockings, the little flair pattern on top is wonderful. They might well be thigh high boots as well, and if so, that would be even more perfect for her overall look. Interesting armlets, the almost there corset and bottoms are quite neat too.

But really it’s her smile, the pose, and how the art comes together that really makes things come together…



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