Succubi Image of the Week 661

Another one of those images for the Succubi of the Week that, at least for me, seems to have a bit of a D&D vibe to it. In that thought, looking at this work, I’m not quite sure which of the two of them is in for a surprise…

Sukkubus and Necromancer by TarXor

Sukkubus and Necromancer by TarXor

This work is by the artist TarXor on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here.

This is a lovely work of art, the setting is quite unique. The succubus herself has a lovely smile and I do like the outfit she’s wearing quite a lot. There’s a good deal of sexiness in this work, but also a hint of a larger story that I find intriguing.

As a whole, this work seems to, for me, suggest a moment where the necromancer is trying to capture the succubus and at the same time the succubus herself seems to be about to turn the tables on him.

It’s an interesting notion, and that does make this art something a bit different and attention getting…



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