Aug 06 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 655

Red is of course, and yes I am very biased, the colour of Succubi. Sometimes it appears only in their horns and tails. Other times it appears in the clothes, shoes or boots or something other with them. A work of Succubi art this week then that is so very red and so very well done.

Amaranthine by Pypixy

Amaranthine by Pypixy

This is the work of the artist Pypixy and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here.

I think how her colours and form come together in this art works really well. The black and other tones add to the red as well. What I think really works well are her red eye and the gleam in them. Although her pose suggests she’s mischievous, it’s the smile and eyes that really bring that out most of all. Love her boots and gloves which contrast nicely with the rest of her outfit as well.

A lot of personality comes through in this art that adds that little flair that makes this work everything that one of the Succubi should be…



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