Succubi Image of the Week 654

Another find for this week’s Succubi art of a cute, fun and wonderful succubus character. The artist describes her as being “Shantae” themed, which I can completely see and it makes me wish that the concept of Succubus Shantae had appeared. Nonetheless, fun and cute Succubi are adorable and there’s no question that this character is every bit that and more…

Succubus in flames by Foxilumi

Succubus in flames by Foxilumi

This cute art is by the artist Foxilumi on DeviantArt and you can find the original page where I found this work here.

This is just a wonderfully fun character, I especially love her overall look of “I’m innocent! Really!” which I can’t help but giggle over. Lovely colour combinations, her outfit is sexy but still cute which I do like very much. Her little pet floating next to her is adorable and all together she’s just a fun Succubi character that makes me smile.



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