It’s more meh a costume than fierce

Fierce Devil Costume

Fierce Devil Costume

Occasionally there’s a costume that appears which make me cringe… Now, to be clear, most costumes I shake my head and sigh, but then comes something like this that seems to have bit of the creativity that I can’t help but notice is lacking much of the time. But I also wonder why a little more time and effort couldn’t be put into making it more… interesting.

This is the Fierce Devil Costume and it comes with the jacket with attached wings, the skirt which has the tail attached, and the horns. Shoes aren’t included nor is anything else and it sells for $35 US at most websites that carry this costume.

Overall it’s a bit too “office” for my taste, really tending towards a 1950s/1960s look which I don’t find all that appealing overall. I’ll admit that the model does make this work to an extent, but it just doesn’t appeal to me very much.

That said, it has a look that does work in a particular setting and in that it’s something to think about as a costume option in that case.

I’d at least get a different set of horns, these just don’t work well here. The tail also could be changed out for something better too. The wings wouldn’t be something I’d consider as well.

It’s not the worst thing I have found, it has a certain appeal and it shows a bit of creativity that’s dearly lacking much of the time.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Cute idea with some options and that’s not a bad thing…



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