A YouTube with Morrigan Aensland’s Video Game appearences

Morrigan has appeared in a number of video games and this time on the Tale, a kind of summary in which most of Morrigan’s appearances, and some of her moves, are shown…


Here’s the link in case the video does not appear on the Tale, and a screenshot of one of the Morrigan images as well.

Morrigan Aensland Game Image

Morrigan Aensland Game Image

It’s interesting to see how Morrigan’s look has changed as video game technology has improved. But Morrigan remains the strong presence she is throughout, even as her “toying” with others in the games becomes more and more reflective of her succubus character…

I still think it’s about time for a new Morrigan video game, I’d really like to see an adventure game instead of a fighting game, but that’s not likely to ever happen… But I can hope…



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