Jul 09 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 651

On occasion a story set in a video game universe or similar will have a character who is described as being one of the Succubi. I think that’s interesting, mainly in that having a succubus as a “ghost in the machine” makes for a lot of story paths to take. For this week’s image then a work of art which tells of such a succubus character…

Cyber Succubus by Lupanita

Cyber Succubus by Lupanita

This work is by the artist Lupanita on DeviantArt and you can find the original art here.

There’s a kind of 1950s science fiction look to this art which appeals to me. It’s not over the top or overtly sexual, but there’s a feeling of the character being more than just what she looks like.

Perhaps that’s the main thing, that she is a succubus, but beyond that, in the ether of cyberspace she dwells in, there’s something more to be found.



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