Succubi Image of the Week 650

Something that I have mulled as a story idea from time to time is one of the Succubi being rather enamoured with Shakespeare… For this week’s image something that I think is delightfully apt for that thought…

Succubus by Rude Ruin

Succubus by Rude Ruin

This work is by the artist Rude Ruin and you can find the original page on Pixiv with this art here.

This is just interesting is a lot of ways, not the least of which is hearing in my thoughts “I knew him… well.” as she ponders the skull she holds.

Lovely form, her outfit is lovely, and she has a rather unique tone around her that I think is something close to regret or reflection, either of which I think would be right as a whole.

Just something of Succubi inspiration that I think is so well done…



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