Succubi Image of the Week 647

Been a bit since I’ve last shared a work of Succubi art in which there’s a bit of evil to be found… So some art this time in which there is a hint of evil, but also such a delightfully sexy character…

Tsumi Yo - Character Design - Mana by jodminster

Tsumi Yo – Character Design – Mana by jodminster

This work is by the artist jodminster on DeivantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

The hint of evil here are in her eyes, and really it’s not that much as a whole and I do like that very much because her overall look is wonderfully sexy. I think her armour is wonderful, her pose tells a lot about her character as well.

I will admit to wanting her to have a tail, at least for me that would make her complete, but nonetheless she’s a wonderful Succubi…



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