Succubi Image of the Week 643

For this week’s image I found what I think of as a portrait of one of the Succubi… She’s cute, which is always nice, but more so her overall form I think is adorable…

Linai Vorkaal Sexy Lips by Wiskiez

Linai Vorkaal Sexy Lips by Wiskiez

This is the work of the artist Wiskiez on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here.

I love the cute in this work from her expression to the almost “innocent” pose. She’s sexy of course, but with that comes a bit of formality that I really do like most of all. She’s more than her cleavage, though that outfit leaves little to the imagination of course. Regardless, she’s posed to impress and gain attention as any good seductress should…



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