Succubi Image of the Week 642

There are some works of Succubi art in which they show more than just a seductive character. There are some works of art in which the character themselves, in their expression and pose, make it so very clear that they are not someone to be trifling with. Mood is a very important part of setting the tone of a work of art and this week’s image I think does that very well…

Briannah : commission by DenaHelmi

Briannah : commission by DenaHelmi

This art is by the artist DenaHelmi on DeviantArt and you can find the original page where I found this work here.

There’s just so much wonderfulness in this art… I adore her red hair, her pose and expression is both poignant and telling. A perfect choice of clothing that fits her well and gives just the right seductive look by far. I also appreciate her feathered wings, a rare thing in Succubi, her lovely tail and how her horns work perfectly with the rest of her form.

Just a delightful work and more…



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