Succubi Image of the Week 641

Succubi are, as a whole, more than their looks and what I enjoy is what ideas a character gives in their pose, expression and admittedly, what their look says about them. For this week’s art, one of the Succubi that has sort of a “learning” look about her that makes me smile…

Succubus by BANE_

Succubus by BANE_

I found this artwork on Pixiv and you can find the original page here on that site.

She’s delightfully cute, I do like the student vibe as well. Interesting spell she’s casting which works well with her look and expression. Bit of a shame that her horns aren’t equal,but other than that I do adore her as a whole.

It does bring the question as to where she’s studying and what she’s about to cast on someone…



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