Pleasures by Justin Bedard

The Queen of the Succubi exists in many universes… Some suggest that there is a mythical Succubi Copy Machine that someone, possibly the Goddess, left running. That’s not the most awful thing when what matters are the…

By Justin Bedard

It was no ordinary night. The Queen of the Succubi knew as much long before she found a silver card tucked between her red-tipped fingers by a curiously cloaked figure, the faint smell of blueberries wafting through the air as they vanished faster than they’d appeared. It gave Tera pause to chuckle to herself. There had been no shortage of strange and often delightful occurrences that day, the whole Realm ablaze with love and praise in celebration of her birth. Never one for pomp and ceremony, she adored those who kept their gifting simple and personal. For them to approach and offer a toasty mug of coffee, a warm hug, a fiery kiss, or the promise of something…hotter…such things were all she could ever desire and more.

And yet here, as the sun set below the horizon, came a meticulously planned gift sure to drip in extravagance. So Tera assumed as she twirled the card about in her hand to inspect it. How quaint, she thought. She was the one normally sending cards out from this particular little establishment in the human world, calling her dearest ones to her side for an evening sure to be etched into their memories for all time. Then again, considering the day and how there were a select few loves she had yet to stumble across…

You are cordially invited to this night of nights. A reflection of the years past, a celebration of the years to come…and the bliss that await in the years present. May the pleasures found be yours forever.

An oh-so-bemused smile worked its way across Tera’s red lips. She was the Queen of her Realm and she had to be invited to her own club? Just when she was about to head home for the day and spend the evening entwined with her Eternal, awaiting his birthday blessing in what would surely be a gift for them both if those extra few cans of Reddi-Wip had anything to say about it. Odd, then, that she hadn’t seen him that morning. Nor her two mischievous daughters, who’d usually waste no time showering her with affection and gushing about how grateful they were to have her as a mother. Who knew? Perhaps they were, say…lying in wait for her behind a cordial invitation?

“Pleasures, hm?” she mused.

Who would she be to deny such a request? With a snap of her fingers, the dress spoken of in the Realm like legend fastened over her form, and with another, she flashed away from the palace halls to the moonlit streets of Bridgeport. Like so many of her dear friends of all ages and clans, the night was when this city truly came alive. When the stars shone down and the moon rose up, creatures of passion came out to play. Creatures Tera would have expected on any other day to find lined up across the block in front of her little home away from home, eager for their own small piece of the heaven offered inside. Again, though, it was no ordinary night. There wasn’t a soul in sight. Not even a bouncer to greet the star of the show, though she hardly minded showing herself in.

The mysteries mounted further from there. The club, normally bursting with lights to be seen and sounds to be heard from one end of the city to the next, was instead dead silent and pitch black. Floor empty, bar vacant, a bit of a chill in the air. The perfect environment for a surprise attack. The Queen’s bemused smile returned as she waltzed to the nearest barstool, where there just so happened to be a fresh glass of Diet Coke waiting for her. She savoured the taste, her tail arching back as a welcome warmth filled the room and told her she had guests. Or rather, the guests had her.

Tera placed the glass on the bar counter, doing the same with her hands after she’d turned to glance back into the dark. Where there was once an empty floor now stood three figures, each distinct in shape but housing hearts that beat in time with her own. Her emerald eyes shifted from one to the next and back again, and she brought her finger to her mouth and nibbled on the tip as her excitement swelled.

“Now, then…” she purred. “To whom do I owe these pleasures?”

The spotlights moved on their own command, the one nearest to her turning on and spilling a faint yet striking red across the room. Not quite enough to fully banish the shadows, but more than enough to illuminate the first of her three partners for the evening. Wrapped in a tight dress of black leather with equally dark hair framing her pale and perfect face, she licked her lips as she approached, letting her audience of one have a glimpse at a pearly white fang poking out. Tera’s core leapt as it did every time she laid her eyes on the Vampire Queen of Bridgeport in any garb (or, better yet, none at all), and their voices surfaced as longing whispers.


The two queens closed the distance and shared a soulful kiss, treasuring the moment and the love they shared for one another still burning centuries later. One could easily assume they’d gladly spend another century in such an embrace, toying and soaking in each other’s heat. This night, however, had some more interesting plans, starting with the two parting only for Tera to find a quarter in her palm.

“Please, Amoureux…” Bianca said, plucking the coin from Tera’s hand. “Allow me.”

The vampire rolled the metal piece back and forth from one knuckle to the next before settling it on the base set by her thumb and forefinger. With a casual flick, she launched it across the room where it slid into the slot of a conveniently placed jukebox, a saxophone splitting the silence a moment later. The two queens locked eyes once again, their smiles appropriately devilish as they stepped to the beat and slowly circled one another, as if each was daring the other to make the first move.

“You must love to tease me…” they both thought.

So they did, each with one arm outstretched and only their fingertips touching. Just a few prods here and there. Just tease after tease before the music had its chance to hit hard. The music…the steady pulse that tingled every nerve in their bodies until Tera’s tail lashed forward to claim her prize. Bianca didn’t resist, trembling in delight as the heart-shaped tip placed itself gently on the nape of her neck though still holding enough energy to spin around and drop her one hand on Tera’s shoulder and the other onto her bare back. There in each other’s tender embrace, they began to sway and twist, never stepping out of reach if they could help it. Their arms and legs twined, they took turns spinning each other in elegant circles, and their speed only increased with the music’s tempo, but not once did their grip ease. Perish the thought.

Tera’s lips found Bianca’s neck and slowly kissed their way up her face, the vampire queen gasping in ecstasy and pulling the two of them tighter together. All the better for all. How Tera loved the hard pounding of Bianca’s heart in her supple chest. How she loved to let her hands explore and find Bianca’s silky thighs. What a treat, indeed, and how she longed to give Bianca a little treat of her own. Simpler (and a little more worrying) yet, what was to stop Bianca from taking that treat herself? It wasn’t to say Tera didn’t enjoy it when she found herself embraced from behind, feeling Bianca’s hot breath on her neck and knowing full well how badly her Amoureux wanted to take a bite. To gently sip and drink from her lover like any other being might sample the finest wine. It was a heart-racing prospect to be sure, but some boundaries were better left set in stone.

Bianca agreed; she resisted and instead settled for pressing her lips to every patch of skin she could reach, revelling in the satisfied and throaty chuckles Tera released. Yes. To be here with her goddess was just as divine. Another spin as the song reached its finale, and the two were at last separated, savouring the sweat rolling down their flanks from both exertion and the steadily burning heat within them. Truth be told, a night between two long-lived lovers was more than she could ever have asked for. Were the fun to stop there, she reckoned she’d be satisfied. But for Bianca not to lunge for her again…this couldn’t be all, could it?

Of course not, she concluded as she felt the next of the three figures creeping up behind her. Bianca was simply passing the baton to the next worthy partner, whom Tera eagerly turned to face and smile upon.

“I thought I might bring some fresh blood to the festivities,” Bianca herself said. “Someone a little…fiery.”

Fiery, indeed. One could feel the flame in this one’s heart, red as her long and lush hair. Her sea-blue tail swished in excitement as her Queen approached and teased her fingers along the edges of her very low-cut dress, itching to bare the sun-kissed canvas beneath if only for her own satisfaction. Such a naughty one, and while it gave her brother no shortage of frustration, it brought Tera nothing but whole-hearted amusement. Monica was, after all, the wildcat of her three sisters. Hard to pin down and never one to back away from anything.

It hardly made her untameable, though, as evidenced when Tera’s tail twined with hers and she shuddered in lustful anticipation. The next song began to play as Tera further hugged the flame-haired blue-tail against her, an overdriven guitar joining the saxophone among the instruments of choice. Monica’s look turned that little shade of cheeky that Tera was ever so fond of, all too appropriate when she managed to slip out of her Queen’s grasp.

“Can’t tie me up that easy,” she said with a wink.

Tera’s bemused smile returned. Of course not. That’s what made Monica so fun. So the game was afoot, the pulse-pounding music lending itself to a dance almost akin to wrestling. Tera would latch a hand onto Monica’s shoulder, and Monica would twist in just the right way to bring them stepping to one side. Tera would spin Monica to face away and then embrace her from behind, running two fingers down the nape of Monica’s neck to make the young succubus shiver. Then Monica herself would snake through Tera’s legs and paw at her back before slipping away as the Queen turned to snatch her again, her long hair flipped to the front of her head and covering one eye as she looked back with another delicious grin. Fingers grazing, lips pecking, tails stroking. No stone left unturned and no curve or crevasse left unexplored as queen and subject both let their wild sides out to play. All while a certain vampire pulled up a chair and watched with almost devious glee.

Tera cocked her brow as Monica landed some distance away from her. Passing her off already? No, not quite. Simply taking note of the silver pole in the center of the elevated stage. Conveniently placed or by Tera’s all-seeing design? That would be telling, wouldn’t it? Nevertheless, the show would go on, and Monica would be the star. With a flying leap, she wrapped her legs around the pole, suspending herself in midair and giving her just enough room to arch back until her head nearly touched the floor. At the same time, her frisky tail slowly began to pull the dress free and let her crowd soak in the latex bikini and fishnet stockings underneath.

Yummy, Tera thought. More so when she caught the distinct sound of a young man groaning in embarrassment from somewhere in the shadows. Secret onlookers? Now they were just spoiling her, but oh, how she loved it. Monica nevertheless remained her focus for the moment. It was hard to have it otherwise when the little devil began a routine as sultry as the night was young. Gyrating her body as the beat raged on. Slithering about the pole like a viper in a tree, afflicting her luscious venom on all who bore witness to her.

“Oh, yes,” Bianca murmured. “This one’s got everything.”

Tera agreed and strode forward, Monica stopping in place as she hung upside-down and smiling. Her face was already flushed as red as her hair what with all the blood rushing to her head, and it only intensified as Tera’s fingers began to play along her body. She bit her lip and squirmed in her perch, halfway towards begging for more as Tera scooped up her tail and planted a kiss on the heart-shaped tip.

“Your fault for teasing me,” her Majesty cooed.

Monica snickered a little, then leaned forward enough to peck Tera’s nose. Tera smirked and waved her finger in a scolding manner, but her heart was aflutter with the utmost pride. She saw no shame or restraint in Monica’s eyes. No unwillingness to give anything less than her all if it was to make someone happy, though she’d expect a reward either flirty or carnal. All that Tera could hope from her niece and more.

Tera took a step back as the song ended to enjoy the redhead’s finishing move in full, only to feel herself step against the last yet far from least treat that wasted no time nestling his arms around her. The flame in her chest reaching its white-hot peak, her hands quickly cupped behind his head as she craned her neck to smile up at the snappily dressed incubus with horns as red as her own. She adored many a soul, loving them all equally no matter who they were or where they came from. Nevertheless, there was only ever one that could make her heart leap inside of her as it did now. More than a love. An Eternal.

Her Eternal.

“I don’t suppose this was all your idea?” Tera asked.

Keith just smiled and pressed his lips to hers. It said all Tera needed to know. Whether he was the mastermind or not, he was just like Monica; he’d spare no expense in making people happy, especially her. How she loved him beyond words for it, and how satisfied she was just to be with him on this night of nights, celebrating the anniversary of her life.

Of course, there was nothing preventing some midnight dessert, least of all objections.

“Now then,” Tera spoke up. “Won’t we let the rest of the party in on the fun?”

Keith chuckled and snapped his fingers. The remaining lights flashed on in a heartbeat, bathing the entire room in a mix of red and white that exposed the dozens of other treats that had been lingering in the dark the whole time. Each with a bright face save for the maroon-haired boy with his hands in his pockets and his lips sunken in a frown. No doubt the source of the embarrassed groan as he looked from Monica to the floor and back again.

“Whattaya think?” Monica herself called to him with an evil smirk. “Like what you see?”

Lance muttered something about being a devil magnet just as two more succubi settled their arms around him. One with a strawberry-blonde bob cut, the other with a mane of red waves, both with blue tails curling around Lance to keep him from escaping.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Sophia giggled, stroking her fingers through Lance’s hair and tickling behind his ears.

“More than that,” Rianna chirped, laying her head on Lance’s shoulder. “You’ve got us wrapped around your finger!”

Lance groaned again, a shocked wheeze escaping him when a third succubus (no more than twelve with a ponytail as blue as the daylight sky) landed on his shoulders and hugged him tight. Still, he came around to smiling once Tera caught his eye. While he wasn’t much for devilish antics, it was clear enough he was glad to be there. Not just him, but all that had come in her honor. Friends and family from across the two worlds she loved. Humans, succubi, vampires, even a werewolf and an oni. And right there in the center of them all was an absolutely scrumptious cake, mountains of white frosting along its circumference with three red candles atop it. Two in the shape of horns and one in the shape of a tail. The SuccuCake, some called it, crafted by the next in a line of friends who considered Tera the perfect muse.

“Happy birthday, love,” Keith whispered in Tera’s ear.

The Queen of all Succubi could barely contain her bemusement and happiness at all the wild efforts made for her approval. She’d take every one of them into her arms and never let go if she could. She did, after all, make a point to reward any gift tenfold, and she reckoned a vicious tail teasing was on the agenda for a good chunk of those present. Certainly Rianna and Branwyn who wasted no time in hugging their mother and pulling her to the center of the crowd, right up to the cake that smelled more and more delicious the longer one noticed it.

She supposed it was about time for her to make a wish. Yet another norm broken that night considering she was usually the one granting wishes in the first place. She nonetheless bent down to level her face with the tiny flames, a single desire fresh in her mind. One’s birthday is also a time for reflection on one’s life. To scour through the years past and remember all the smiles, all the laughs, all the sweet memories of friends old and new. Then one must look ahead to the horizon, with the promise for many more of each dancing in sight.

Tera was no different, and she happily glanced from one bright face to the next with quiet thanks on her mind. Thanks and promises that she’d be there for them just as they had been there for her. Such treats they were. Such treasures.

Such loves.

“To another year of pleasures…for all my dearest loves.”

So the candles went out, the music went on, and the first of those pleasures began.

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