Succubi Image of the Week 620

A bit of a two for one image for this week’s Succubi in that this work portrays a lovely pair of succubi sisters with a lovely style… even if their tails are a bit odd…

Succubus Twins by Qoppa

Succubus Twins by Qoppa

This art is the work of the artist Qoppa on Hentai Foundry and you can find the original page with this art here.

I do like the mirror pose the succubi have here, i think that works really well and lends itself to showing off the outfits and jewelry they are both wearing. I will admit that I can’t quite figure out where the hidden wings are however. There are there in shadow and light, but it’s a bit odd somehow. Interesting character designs, the poses are perfect for them too. The tails bother me a bit, mostly in that there’s nothing on the ends, which just seems a little odd.

Nonetheless, I like the idea of succubi twins on display…



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