Succubi Image of the Week 618

Summoning circles can make for some really interesting settings. There’s something about the lighting and shadows which brings an overall look to things that can be both sensual and, sometimes, a bit foreshadowing… An image this week of a succubus in the midst of being summoned and what that entails…

Night Creatures : The Succubus by Litchipix

Night Creatures : The Succubus by Litchipix

You can find the original page on Pixiv where I found this art here.

The overall setting really works well with this succubus character. The light and shadows combine to enhance her attractiveness but as well put the more dangerous hints around her form into the shadows. It’s a really well done contrast that I think works so very well.

Love her glowing eyes, hair is perfect and while the spikes on her shoulders bother me a bit, they really aren’t our of place or look over the top or odd.

An interesting succubus character to find…



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