Nov 07 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 616

Something of a different look for Morrigan Aensland for this week’s Succubi Image. There are a lot of canon outfits she has worn, but really it’s the more fantasy ones that I enjoy the most. A piece of art this week that I think shows Morrigan in her element as a seductress on the prowl.

morrigan by phantasmalblue

morrigan by phantasmalblue

This work is by the artist phantasmalblue on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here.

I can’t quite make up my mind if this is Morrigan out to seduce someone or if she’s holding court and those around her are trying to get her attention. But I really like the overall art, the style is perfect for Morrigan. Come to think about it, I wonder if Morrigan is drinking the others under the table? That actually amuses me too.

The heart jewelry are wonderful accents, her hair, expression and tones are all perfectly her of course, and that expression speaks volumes doesn’t it?

Lovely Morrigan art is always nice to discover…



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