Battery… Powered… Horns.

Possibly one of the costume ideas that I dislike the most happen to be light-up horns. It seems silly, looks silly and just strikes me as being another level of trashy costume design. Mix that wonder with a wig that looks like a mop that was dunked into a bucket of glitter and you have this week’s questionable costume accessory option.

This is the Lite Up Devil Wig and it sells for $20 US. Supposedly there art batteries to be put into the horns which “gives a sexy glow”… I would take a shovelful of salt with that description at least.

The look does nothing for me, the hairstyle is limp and has an air of trashiness. Mix that with a pair of plastic horns which have bulbs in them and I can see this being a mess. Some reviews have noted that one battery runs out before the other and I’m sure that’s a wonderful look too.

Messy unkempt hair done the right way, can be sexy, but this is just thrown together and seems like an attempt at getting rid of some leftover wigs and poorly selling horns.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

So disappointing an idea and not worth considering…



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