Succubi Image of the Week 611

Halloween approaches, and so some Succubi of the Week for the next little while in which there’s a rather present Halloween theme.For this week, a bit of a Morrigan cosplay which brings with it both a lot of cleavage and a lot of cuteness…

Halloween Succubus by おさしん

Halloween Succubus by おさしん


You can find the original source of this image at Pixiv here.

I like to think of this art as being a younger version of Morrigan Aensland, even though the title is Halloween Succubus, the succubus doesn’t quite look like Morrigan, there are some small differences of course. The little bat making eyes at the obvious cleavage makes me smile, she’s a lovely and cute succubus, really a neat bit of Morrigan art overall.

I kind of have this other thought that there’s a Morrigan costume that when worn on Halloween bestows Morrigan’s cleavage and looks to anyone that wears it… That might be a story idea to ponder I think…



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