Succubi Image of the Week 608

A smile is so very important in art of Succubi… At least it is when the succubus themselves simply lend themselves to that expression most of all. An image this week of a succubus with an interesting expression and a form that works so very well…

Holly by iVorare

Holly by iVorare


This art is the work of the artist iVorare on DeviantArt, and you can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here at DeviantArt as well.

Amazing eyes, lovely hair textures and that little smirk of a smile is perfect for her. Love the barely-there outfit, her body shape just suits her overall look. Interesting wings, I would have liked a bit more depth to her horns and perhaps a bit more brightness in her tail, but she looks right in this art and she’s a wonderfully sexy succubus.



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