Succubi Image of the Week 606

From time to time there are some images of cute Succubi which amuse me. Sometimes that’s from the delight in their eyes, the smirk of their smile. Sometimes it’s simply the expression which seems to suggest they are focused on a delicious snack that awaits them… much like this week’s image does…

Succubus by Navy

Succubus by Navy

This work is by the artist Navy on Pixiv and you can find the original page with this art here.

The artist’s style is quite striking, she’s quite delightful as a succubus, that little added touch of her licking her lips is perfect for her. I can’t quite decide if she’s a bit drunk or there’s something else happening here. Lovely expression, her outfit is just right for her. Amazing hair and expression and I do like her horns and wings very much… shame there’s no tail though…

But she is cute and does make me smile and that is a lovely thing…



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