Accessories, thy name is cheap and tacky

Every now and again I mull over various accessories to add to a devil girl costume. I’m not saying a Succubi one because in almost every case the item is cheap, tacky and I wouldn’t consider it at all. That said, there is a certain amount of disbelief that comes with the discovery and so they appear here.

Devil Horns and Tail Set

This is simply called the Devil Horns and Tail Set and it comes with.. well.. the hot mess you see here and it sells for between $8 and $10 US.

The level of cheap and tacky cannot be understated here. I especially cringe at the “Totally Ghoul” name brand, which is a play on words that should result in a severe pitchforking for whomever came up with it.

Fuzzy horns do not impress me, soft plastic horns and tail that look like they are inflated aren’t endearing either. I can, to a point, accept this as being for younger devils, but the way this is marketed seems to drive the point home that you need this to “get their attention.”

Perhaps in others doubling over in laughter at the best or at the worst being pointed at for how awful this would make one look. This is the sort of accessory found in the clearance bin at the back of the store where it has been languishing for the past ten years.

It’s unimpressive, it’s a waste of material and, honestly, I can’t see why anyone would pick something like this when there are other horns and tail, sold separately mind you, which look better.

Not perfect mind you, but far better than this mess.



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