Jul 11 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 599

I’ve mentioned, from time to time, that the Warcraft succubus isn’t one of my favourites and that’s mainly to her hooves which really bother me a lot. I found a work of art which is based in the Warcraft universe of a succubus character, and I have to say that, honestly, this concept really appeals to me in a lot of ways…

The Succubus by Felox08

The Succubus by Felox08

This art is the work of the artist Felox08 on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

There’s clearly some little touches to this character of the Warcraft succubus, but it isn’t overstated and really this is a character onto herself. I like the change from hooves to something far less so, there’s still purpose to her feet, they aren’t just there for looks by any means. Lovely tail, her wings being torn very little looks lovely too. Her “armour” is exactly right for her, wonderful expression and pose as well. I especially love her expression, her wild mane of hair and there’s a wonderful sense of seduction and power which just works perfectly here.

Overall, she’s a far better succubus than the original one in Warcraft, and it was a delight to discover her.



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    I agree, this design does look better than the WoW. The point about her feet is completely right.

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