Succubi Image of the Week 597

I do love fun succubi, especially those that are cute as well. Many anime succubi are cute, it’s almost a given really and there are some which just have that little bit more that I find delightful. An image this week then of a succubus with a rather unique fashion sense and a fun one at that.

Blue Succubus Queen by LunacleArt

Blue Succubus Queen by LunacleArt

You can find this art here on DeviantArt where I found it originally and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

Lovely details in this art from the patterns in her clothing through the magic energies in her form and all around her. Simply gorgeous hair textures, I adore her smile and even if she’s a bit dangerous with that scythe, nonetheless she’s adorably cute.

Which is always a lovely thing to find of course…



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