Be Together by TeraS

It was Mother’s Day … Sunday. I’ve written many a story on, or about, this day. It’s a difficult day for me, been so for a long time now … For my Eternal it’s been … difficult for a shorter time, no less so. Perhaps this year we’ll try to …


Be Together
By TeraS


There is no question of a mother’s love.

Specifically, there is no question of the love two Eternals know: the unconditional love from two mothers to their children, love through which everything came to be. That seed brought about the ability of those two Eternals to share themselves with their family, to offer their love, again and again, unconditionally.

Love isn’t perfect, though in the so-green eyes of one and the so-blue eyes of the other, they see it to be as close to that mythical state of perfection as possible. It’s telling, when they think about it, how the words spoken, the lessons taught and, yes, the moments shared in the past, so deeply effect the here and now. It’s especially felt on the one day each year when mothers are celebrated—though, as is so very clear, they should be for always.

The day was especially rainy this year. The winds blew a chill into the air—not exactly the best of days for a celebration, as a whole. Still, the day was important, and no poor weather or inclement bluster was going to bar a daughter and a son.

Not on this day nor any other.

While there wasn’t a day that passed when they didn’t each think about their mothers, not a moment, and from time-to-time they both knew, as one, that the Goddess held both mothers with her … there still was the hurt inside. Oh, it was not anything like it once was, to be clear. But, from time to time, a tear would come unexpectedly, the memory of their voices would nip at their thoughts before fading.

But the thing about the Realm is that nothing ever really fades away, no good things are truly forgotten, and, most importantly, sometimes … things happened.

Tera had, for many years, visited her mother’s resting place on this day. She’d started to bring her a cup of tea, exactly how she liked it, every year, soon after becoming Queen of the Realm. The tea would be placed on the headstone, Tera would talk to her mother, telling stories, thoughts, fears, and, always, her hopes. Sometimes the wind would toss an unruly lock of hair back into place and a warm breeze would kick up against her cheek as she turned away.

It was, in a way, Tera believed, her mother, answering.

Keith took things a bit differently as a whole. He’d spent many a year with Tera when she visited. Each time, he remained respectfully aside: this was something personal for Tera, and he didn’t want to break the bonds and memories that she’d made for herself.

His own visit on this day didn’t involve a cup of tea, though he did make sure to plant flowers—white carnations—every year. He’d talk, muse, wonder, and discuss, not expecting an answer, but somehow knowing that his mother would, somehow, hear his words.

Keith knew, in a way, that his mother was listening.

This particular Mother’s day came just shy of three years from when Keith’s mother had gone to be with Goddess. It was also just shy of forty-two years since Tera’s mother had slipped her mortal bonds for the embrace of Goddess.

She wasn’t alone this time. Her Eternal stood beside her, holding an umbrella as the cup was placed. From time to time, a droplet from above fell into the tea, disturbing the beverage. Neither really paid a lot of attention, however. The ebon-maned daughter’s thoughts were of a mother missed, of saying simple words and gaining some comfort from saying them.

The rain helped to mask tears from her Eternal.

He wasn’t alone this time. The ground was wet as he parted the soil, placing life among the remembered. Tera stood over him, holding the umbrella this time as he worked away, talking, remembering, occasionally looking over his shoulder to his Eternal to offer her a smile.

The rain helped to mask tears from his Eternal.

The rains continued throughout the day as the two returned home, finding two blue-tailed daughters awaiting their mother. It wasn’t the cards or the little gifts given that mattered. The simple words: “Love you, Mom” did, more than Tera really could manage to explain.

The rain, this time, could not mask the tears shed by two daughters thankful for the love of a mother. Nor could they hide the tears from so-green and so-blue eyes. It could not hide the memories of the past come calling. Of the love given from two mothers to their children in the hope that love would be passed on.

It could not disguise the warm breeze, as one mother, safe in the embrace of the Goddess, grabbed the hand of another, both so proud of their children, so grateful to see their love growing in those who stayed behind.

For the love of a mother … is … for always.

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    • James on July 5, 2019 at 2:16 am

    I am always loathe to contradict Your Majesty, but the love Your Majesty and Your Eternal share is more perfect than you could ever know, and it reaches beyond yourselves and your world to touch places and planes you could never imagine, including your mothers.

    *Huggles from your heart*

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