Constant Love By TeraS

Today, April 29th, just happens to be my birthday. It doesn’t fall on a Monday story day often, but it has this year. Perhaps this gives me an occasion to share my …


Constant Love
By TeraS


There are many constants in the universes, from the small to the grandiose. Some things are expected to occur at a certain place and time, or, certain people are expected to do certain things … because they are just expected to.

For those in the Realm, the arrival of a certain red-tailed monarch’s birthday brings a most familiar refrain: one of not expecting anything. This ebon-haired, so-green-eyed temptress wouldn’t want anyone to go out of their way to celebrate. “After all,” she would say in that expected way of hers, “it isn’t anything special or important, after all.” She would explain, Tera being Tera, that gifts weren’t as important as the love of her family and friends. That, to be clear, wasn’t just words: it was core to who Tera is. Material things were lovely and wonderful, but they weren’t as important as her Eternal, her Heart, her brothers and sisters, and so many others who she held within her soul for always.

This didn’t mean however that she wasn’t going to be gifted. Her Bemused Majesty understood that, even accepted it, but, as was her way, continued to demure with regards to any and all attempts to schedule some grand event or celebration.

This, of course, meant that certain family members had to plot and plan to overcome the will of one very stubborn red-tail, so set in her ways. Such planning usually started with the drawing of the name of the lucky one to be setting up the next celebration. Keith had joked that they should have the theme from “Mission: Impossible” playing during their scheming, but that never seemed to quite happen.

This year however, things didn’t quite happen that way. Cassie, the silver-tailed seductress who had more than a small crush on a certain red-tailed King of the Incubi, decided to take things into her own hands … starting with that certain red-tailed King himself. Having cornered Keith in an alcove, she proceeded to “explain her viewpoint” with certain “visual aids” which didn’t fail to hold his Majesty’s attention … or was it that Cassie was holding onto, and otherwise stimulating, a certain body part until Keith acceded to the silver tail’s request. Whichever it was, Cassie had a most satisfied smile and tellingly mussed hair afterwards when she met with the gold-tailed fashionista of the Realm.

Katelyn watched Cassie as she idly toyed with a lock of her purple hair, commenting as Cassie did so: “You look pleased with yourself.”

“mmm? Do I?”

The gold tail pushed a lock of her jet-black hair into place: “Yes. You do. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that you had your way with Keith.”

Cassie’s expression at the comment was somewhere between surprise and trying to hold onto a secret: “Oh? Well … not quite … well … mostly.”

Sighing, Katelyn picked up a sketchbook and started scratching onto it with a number two pencil: “It’s your tail, not mine.”

Cassie reflected on that for a time before her tail shivered and she gathered her thoughts: “I… want to commission you to create something.”

The pencil didn’t stop moving: “Kind of busy Cass, really don’t have a lot of …”

“It’s for Tera’s birthday.”

The pencil stopped.

“I need a dress …”

Katelyn’s eyes narrowed: “She has … the Dress.”

There was no question as to what dress they were talking about: the perfect black one, trimmed with red which marked the appearance of the bemused Queen of their Realm. The dress that haunted Kate’s thoughts and dreams, the one dress that she wished that had come from her hand.

It was perfect as far as the gold tail was concerned. The pictures of Tera wearing it, and the dressmaker having had the chance to touch it, confirmed that irresistible fact.

Cassie’s eyes met Katelyn’s: “She needs … a birthday dress.”

The pencil snapped.

“What … are you saying, Cass?”

“We all give Tera gifts every year. This year, I have an idea and I think that, between the all of us, we can create something …”

The pencil found itself laid to the side with the sketchbook: “… it won’t even come close. It won’t even be a close second.”

Cassie looked at her phone: “It will, and I’ll tell you why. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to all of our family about this and they all agree on two things. The first is that you are the perfect artist to make it happen. The second is that, whatever you create, we know she’ll love it.”

“Cassie, what you are asking …”

“… is that you get over this fear of yours. So, it won’t be the SuccuDress. It’s not meant to be that.”

Kate rubbed one gold-tipped mocha hand over her bare shoulder: “Where do I start? What’s the inspiration?”

Cassie smiled: “I’ve talked to Keith, her Heart …”

Cassie stopped then, seeing the gold-tail reaching out for her broken pencil and sketchpad. The silver-tail watched the gold-tail sketch out a heart and tap the nub of her pencil on it. Katelyn’s eyes had a little sparkle in them: “Heart …”

Cassie shivered as that speckle turned into a gleam: “I’ll need a model, you know.”

“I suddenly realize that I have an appointment with Keith. Can’t miss that.”

But the silver-tail suddenly found herself ensnared by a gold-tail on a mission … and Keith didn’t find himself being the focus of that amorous silver-tail for several weeks. Then, one afternoon, Cassie called.

“Keith … would you mind coming over to my place?”

He smiled. This was something new for Cassie. Being this upfront wasn’t her usual style: “Depends. Are you planning something?”

The giggle was telling, he realized later: “I’m always planning something. Now come over here. I need your opinion on something.”

Keith’s opinion when he laid eyes on the something, was: “It’s perfect.”

Tera’s birthday arrived, as it was wont to do at the appointed time, soon after. Tera expected the gala in the evening, she accepted the birthday calls and wishes with all of her love and delight. She’d just seen off her Aunts Simone and Erika after they’d dropped by for tea when the front door was thrown open by two very excited succubi.

The Queen managed to blurt out “Katelyn? Cassandra?” as they took hold of her wrists. Then she found herself bampfed from home to the top of a pedestal in the middle of Katelyn’s shop … in the nude … being eyed critically by two succubi with delight in their eyes, both of them kneeling before her.

“What’s going on?”

Katelyn was brushing her fingers over a gold-foil box, while Cassie started to explain: “We all know you, Tera; we know you don’t want us to make a fuss on your birthday, that you don’t want anything at all. Everyone in your family tries to figure out a gift for you … this time, there’s going to be one gift, from all of us.”

Tera watched as Katelyn opened the box and Cassie dangled a pair of black stilettos from her fingertips: “It’s time you had something that shows your love for us all, and all of our love for you.”

The Grand Hall of the Palace was set for a formal ball, waiting for the Queen to make her appearance. Whispers of a gift which told of the love the one with so-green eyes had for them all.

A puff of cherry-scented smoke marked her arrival upon the dais where her throne awaited. Her wild ebon mane was perfect, red tail and horns shining, so-green eyes glowing with passion. But it was the dress that captured the attention of all.

It was made of clear latex that tightly formed around her curves. Printed into the form-fitting wonder was a red as deep and strong as that of her tail. It drew the eye over sleek, shiny arms, over cleavage held with arcs of red. The red poured over her form in patterns which moved from the train about her heels to the flaring red over her hips.

And at the centre of it all was a heart, in red, glowing with her love.

It wasn’t the SuccuDress, but it was the Dress of Love: the love given and returned, every moment of every day; the greatest gift of all. Tera clasped her hands to frame the heart at the forefront of her dress, her eyes wet with tears knowing that they had all had a hand in the wonder she possessed: “Thank you, all, for your love.”

As her family celebrated, Cassie stood next to Katelyn: “What did she say when she saw it?”

Katelyn sighed as she watched Tera glide about the room: “She said it was perfect.”

“You know it is, right?”

The gold-tail smiled, understanding that, finally, the thing that made both dresses perfect was one simple thing.

They were made from love.

Of that, she was certain.


And here is the birthday dress told of in this story as created by DarkShadow:

Tera's Birthday Dress by DarkShadow

Tera’s Birthday Dress by DarkShadow


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    • Legion on May 1, 2019 at 4:01 am

    I would totally add to that dress My Queen. Though we are the ones gifted if you shared one of your stories with us. Miss your writing. And though I said it elsewhere Happy Birthday. You deserve all in that story and more. (though you did hit the part about treating you on special days right. 😛 )

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    • Aria on June 22, 2019 at 3:03 am

    surely a dress fit for the queen you are 🙂

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    • James on July 6, 2019 at 8:43 pm

    A lovely dress, but not nearly so lovely as its wearer.

    *Huggles from your heart*

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