Apr 18 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 587

Not all Succubi are evil, but there are some who delight in the hunt for souls and bringing them to heel. A work of art this week which I think has one of the Succubi who is quite the dominant creature by far.

Demongirl by SamCooper

Demongirl by SamCooper


This art is by the artist SamCooper on Hentai Foundry and you can find the original art on that site here.

Interesting smirk, her outfit fits her form really well and I like the overall tone and how it forms to her. It’s sexy, but at the same time there’s a point to it, especially in her gloves which would make the nasty mark on someone should get reach out and touch them.

Her wings and horns work well for her, it’s a shame there’s no tail, but overall she’s a neat mixture of evil, seduction and strength that I really like.



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