Monthly Archive: April 2019

Apr 29 2019

Constant Love By TeraS

Today, April 29th, just happens to be my birthday. It doesn’t fall on a Monday story day often, but it has this year. Perhaps this gives me an occasion to share my …   Constant Love By TeraS   There are many constants in the universes, from the small to the grandiose. Some things are …

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Apr 25 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 588

Occasionally I discover a work of Succubi art that’s a bit understated but in that comes the most delightfully interesting character. A succubus this week on the Tale which brings me a smile and the delight in her form.   This work is by the artist TrioneCommissions on DeviantArt and you can find the original …

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Apr 18 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 587

Not all Succubi are evil, but there are some who delight in the hunt for souls and bringing them to heel. A work of art this week which I think has one of the Succubi who is quite the dominant creature by far.   This art is by the artist SamCooper on Hentai Foundry and …

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Apr 11 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 586

Something of a primal Succubus for this week’s image on the Tale. Not all Succubi are sweetness and nice of course, there are some who are meant to… teach a lesson to the unwary. A work of art then this week in which her pets would be well advised to obey their Mistress’ commands.   …

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Apr 04 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 585

Something a little bit different for this week’s Succubi. Seduction comes in many forms and some of the most seductive begin with a smile and an invitation.   This work is by the artist kyph98 and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found …

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