Interlude By TeraS

So … it’s been a while since I’ve posted on the Tale … written a story … It’s been, really, far too long an …


By TeraS


There are certain things which are expected in the Realm. Time is, of course, one of these and perhaps the singular shift in time which seems to have the biggest effect is that moment when the Realm loses one hour of time in the spring.

The night before this moment arrives, everyone in the Realm turns in for the night—well, everyone turns in eventually, and sleeps sometime after that—and in the wee hours of the morning there’s a missing moment that happens in the midst of sleep, in the depths of dreams. It does tend to result in many a succubi and incubi feeling the effects in the morning.

Few citizens of the Realm really wondered about this. It wasn’t at the top of their agendas by any means. Accommodations were made, an extra cup of coffee, or tea, perhaps, to manage the following day’s weariness. Others pushed through, trusting that the next night’s slumber would help, in some way, to make up for the sheer lack of energy that came with the shifting of the clocks one hour ahead.

Valerie, a purple-tailed succubi of the Realm, wasn’t one of these. It bothered her, more than she really let on, that the entire Realm seemed so … exhausted. Admittedly, part of that was that she rather enjoyed her middle-of-the-night dalliances with whichever visitor to the Realm happened to attract her attention on any given night. Being the Realm’s most popular tour guide meant, of course, that she simply had to show everyone a good time … in every way possible … and some that were completely unexpected.

Being a purple-tail, the mystery behind this … depletion … of the Realm brought many hours of pondering over an energy drink, the kind of which is best left to one’s imagination, pulling on a lock of her flame-red hair, her green eyes focused on something far away that none with her might be able to see or understand, and coming up with all sorts of explanations for why things happened as they did.

She’d pretty much rejected the answer that it was simply the loss of an hour’s sleep. Certainly, that would wear on everyone, but it didn’t explain why the next morning it felt like she’d … lost something in the midst of the night. She ached all over, her tail was completely limp and, perhaps most worryingly, she didn’t always wake up the morning after in exactly the same place she’d gone to bed.

It was that last point of her musings that made the entire event, which happened every year, a mystery that any purple-tail worth her lavender could never ignore, and Valerie certainly couldn’t.

At the beginning of March every year, in the two weeks when there was a lull of visitors to the Realm, she renewed her library card at the Realm’s Library to continue her research. Not that she really had to have a card, or have it renewed, but the opportunity to tease Miriam and Irving was too sweet a delight to miss. This year, though, things had gone a little differently.

“You know there’s really no need for a library card, Valerie.”

Valerie’s purple tail waved slightly in the air behind her: “Well … I wouldn’t want to break any rules, and …”—she looked in the direction of Tera’s office, where the mischievous Queen of the Realm had hung a little sign on her door, “Out to lunch … mostly”, and smirked just a bit—“interrupt her … lunch.”

Miriam paused in her fiddling with what appeared to be a quite old and quite quant Royal Model O typewriter, her own yellow tail twisting into a question mark. “I think you just want to see me fiddling with this thing and getting my fingers covered in ink from the ribbon.”

The sly smile in reply was meant in jest, of course: “I’m on the wrong side of the counter to see your cute bum as you hunt and peck.”

Miriam blushed as she made a slight error in typing: “Tease.”

The mistake went unnoticed as the card was pulled from the depths of the contraption and the librarian handed it over: “Okay, here you go, good for another year.” Noting the black and red ink on her fingers, she mused: “Now I have to spend Tera-knows-how-long getting this off my fingers.”

Irving’s voice came from within the circulation office: “Do I hear the sound of a damsel in distress?”

Winking at Valerie, Miriam stepped back from the counter and peered into the office waving her hands in the air: “Oh woe is me! Whatever shall I do!”

Smiling as she disappeared into the depths of the library’s stacks Valerie mused to herself: “I wonder if Model ‘O’ means orgasm.”

Miriam’s giggling seemed to suggest that might be true.

Fingering the card, the purple tail wandered into some of the oldest parts of the Library, seeking out clues to the mystery before her. She’d been working her way through every book, scroll, and other piece of knowledge that the Pitchfork Decimal System referenced, but as a whole the answers revolved around the same point. It was a matter of time and space, the rising and setting of the sun in the sky. The universe said that things had to be done this way for a reason, and one couldn’t ignore the rules of the universe.

The card catalog loomed in front of her and she went to her task for this year. The online system had been used—and, if she was honest, a bit abused—in her search. While she understood that Miriam had put the entirety of the old manual system online, there was always a chance, no matter how small, that something had been overlooked, much like a certain mark being made on a certain library card by a certain yellow tail, the brightest yellow tail that the Realm had seen in generations.

Yellow and white card stock passed under Valerie’s purple tipped fingers as she considered and then rejected the books noted there. She’d just about given up her search when she stumbled across one odd card that resided in a drawer that had been stuck closed so tightly that she’d had to pull on the drawer several times to get it to open. It was a white card with a thin red line drawn across the top edge, the red a particular shade reminiscent of one particular tail known to everyone in the Realm and many beyond. If Miriam’s tail made the cutest of question marks, the exclamation point her own tail made didn’t hide her excitement at this discovery. Fingers shaking, she pulled the card from the cabinet and stared at it:

A Treatise on Spending the Spring Time Change Awake by Tera, Princess of the Realm.

Valerie’s shock was twofold. One, she was amazed to discover that Tera had been captured by the mystery and tried to figure it out. But, more importantly, two, that Tera had somehow managed to remain awake through it! Worrying one corner of the card with a fingertip and pulling on a handful of her flame red hair with the other, she considered what to do. This book seemed to be hidden away from seeking eyes. It couldn’t just vanish, of course; the Realm Library saw to it that every work of literature and art made its way into the collection. But it was hidden for a reason and it was the reason that worried her.

Was the book not supposed to be read?

Was Tera trying to hide the secret?

The card found itself being nibbled on as Valerie tried to make up her mind. The time change was that evening, she had little time left to unravel the mystery. The entry was written by Tera. Even the index card in her hand held the Queen’s red mark.

Did she really want to know what the mystery was?

Sliding the drawer closed, Valerie decided that, yes, she had to know.

Few really understood how vast the Realm Library was. It was, for all intents and purposes, infinite in size and, being so, one could become easily lost in the maze of knowledge that surrounded them. It wasn’t unheard of there to have searches undertaken for those that had become entangled in their research, some of those going on for months ‘til the lost scholar had been found and returned from the winding caverns around them.

While the card stated, quite clearly, where Tera’s notes were placed, Valerie’s passage through the stacks seemed to take ages. The midnight hour had arrived when she found the section. It was so very close to the changing of the time when the manuscript came into view.

It wasn’t very impressive, a score of papers tied together with a red ribbon, unmistakably Tera’s colour. The pages were yellowed, the text not typed, but written in Tera’s messy and nearly unreadable scrawl in red ink. Valerie’s fingers took hold of the ribbon which sealed the tome from prying eyes, pulling on it as off in the far distance she heard a clock start striking one and then …

… the moment had arrived …

A sigh of delight caught her attention, seeming so close and so far away. The purr that came next was so familiar, and yet she’d never heard it before.

“Oh you silly purple tails … you just can’t keep yourself from mysteries, can you?”

The pages fell back onto the shelf as Valerie turned towards the teasing voice. The thought of resisting wasn’t there, there really wasn’t anything she was thinking of as a red tail, a deeper, darker red than even Tera’s was, passed its tip in front of her eyes.

“Over here, dear Valerie…”

Valerie found herself in the presence of the only succubi with black hair deeper and darker than even Tera’s, icy blue eyes that captured Valerie’s mind and made a shiver of pleasure curl about her clit before spreading all over.

“mmm … That’s right … Delectable, aren’t you?”

Wetting lips of red, the smile that greeted Valerie’s eyes was both erotic and inescapable. She felt her heat being enflamed, her desires pulling at her, egging her on. She wanted to say … something … but she was so addled that the words didn’t come.

“I love this little interlude … I have the chance to enjoy all of the Realm.”

The red-tail came close and entwined her tail with Valerie’s own. The friction of tail against tail brought a scream from Valerie’s lips as she dropped to her knees, the dark red-tail standing over her. “This single hour, lost in time, is my playground.”

The purple tail was lost as fingers with long red nails toyed with her flame-red hair.

“An hour to be with all of you … to love you all. A delicious interlude.”

A glimmer of a memory flashed through the heat, Valerie’s green eyes wide: “L … Lilith?”

The library melted away as her red-tailed companion entwined them, the pair falling back, clothing gone, skin heated and slick against each other. The world was an unending mixture of red and black. She heard the screams of pleasure all around her, the entire Realm being drawn into an orgy of pleasure, one single red-tail guiding them all in their ecstasy.

In all of this, Lilith’s voice sighed in wonder and delight: “mmm … Yes.”

The hour seemed to take forever, not that Valerie minded. Somehow, in Lilith’s power, Valerie found herself with every one of the incubi and succubi of the Realm, possibly twice times over, but she really couldn’t keep track. She did remember Miriam and Irving doing unspeakable things to her tail, however.

Eventually—just when was a blur—Valerie found herself in Lilith’s arms, held close, tails and bodies on the edge of collapse. The befuddled purple-tail managed a moan: “Will … I … remember?”

The red-tailed First purred as she toyed with Valerie’s red hair, a soft smile upon her lips. Valerie wanted to beg to remember, to be allowed to quench her desire to know. Lilith stopped that from happening by kissing her way from lips parted in moans to thighs parted in slick need. She paused, breath warm over Valerie’s clit: “Where’s the fun in that?”

Lilith licked lightly over Valerie’s clit and the world exploded into light before all … went … dark …

The sound of a clock radio set to the morning Realm news brought Valerie back to wakefulness. Rolling over, she felt warm sheets around her, a familiar pillow caressing her cheek. Her tail was especially aching this morning, she barely had the energy to roll over and poke the radio with the tip and shut the infernal thing off. Sighing, she burrowed under the covers.

The time change had really gotten her this year. The thought of figuring out the mystery did, again, however briefly, nibble at her thoughts. Then a feeling of deja vu tickled at her. Maybe she’d go and see Miriam about that. Or maybe she’d go and … with Miriam … and maybe Iriving.

Her tail shivered as it retreated under the covers, its length covered in red and black fingerprints.

Maybe she’d sleep on that. A delicious interlude.


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    • Legion on March 22, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    Yes. Yes it is been far too long. Because whenever you write you write so beautifully. It makes me wonder what happened when Princess Tara looked into the missing hour. But a wonderful and hot vision. Thank you so much for sharing. We should all be so lucky.

    • avatar
    • David on March 23, 2019 at 12:45 am


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    • Elliot on March 23, 2019 at 3:16 am


    A tale of a missing hour, a fragment of time held secret.

    Lost in some respects, perhaps… and yet not entirely disconnected from either what comes before, or after.

    It’s a concept that does make for some interesting stories, by nature of the idea alone… and certainly it can make the notion of what could possibly occur in that time all the more intriguing.

    Thank you for sharing this Interlude, Dearest… and it goes without saying that time is not all that has been missed.


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