Succubi Image of the Week 578

With the exception of Morrigan, there aren’t that many succubi characters that appear twice or more as the Succubi of the Week. A short time ago I shared this particular character here and I happened to come across another image of her, which I really do like because it gives a different view of her look which I think is so very delicious…

Super Fantasy War Succubus Kuorite by ArrowHead

Super Fantasy War Succubus Kuorite by ArrowHead

This art of the Super Fantasy War Succubus is by the artist Arrowhead on Pixiv and you can find the original page with this art here.

There’s just something about this outfit and look that’s really appealing to me and I have to ponder that and see about my favourite artist creating something… That said, really it’s the sexiness, the power in her form, and most of all just how she’s fun but so very seductive at the same time…



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