Succubi Image of the Week 572

It is a new year and for the first Succubi of the Week, an embarrassed succubus being so very cute. Perhaps a bit of a reflection of things, but so delightfully fun none the less.

Comission - Succubus by burbur

Commission – Succubus by burbur

This art is by the artist barber on Hentai Foundry and you can find the original page with this art here on that site.

I really like the contrast between her purple outfit, horns, wings and tail, how that works with her red hair. Cute little blush, sexy tail and I rather like her horns in how they look. The overall anime look is neat and there’s a little bit of a princess succubus feeling which I think works nicely.

Most of all, a cute succubus to being the year, which is always a good thing…



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