Succubi Image of the Week 571

For the final Succubi Image of the Week for 2018, something that’s slightly anime-ish in look and feel. While it is, and there’s no question of that, it’s the outfit this succubus character is wearing which just captivates me and brings a rather bemused smile as well.

Cleo with short hair (Fantasy War Tactics) by InquisitorAles

I have to admit I think I’d like her more if she had longer length hair, but this style does work with her horns and overall look. It’s that look that I find just delightful here, neat short wings, a very sexy tail and body shape go really well together. But what I really like is her outfit, especially how the leggings shape themselves. It’s a neat effect and brings out all of the sexiness and seductiveness in her character.

A neat character, even more so, her outfit, from collar to red heels, does bring something for me to ponder…



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