Succubi Image of the Week 571

For the final Succubi Image of the Week for 2018, something that’s slightly anime-ish in look and feel. While it is, and there’s no question of that, it’s the outfit this succubus character is wearing which just captivates me and brings a rather bemused smile as well.

Cleo with short hair (Fantasy War Tactics) by InquisitorAles

Cleo with short hair (Fantasy War Tactics) by InquisitorAles

This art is the creation of the artist InquisitorAles and you can find this work here on DeviantArt and this artist’s page can be found here as well on that site.

I have to admit I think I’d like her more if she had longer length hair, but this style does work with her horns and overall look. It’s that look that I find just delightful here, neat short wings, a very sexy tail and body shape go really well together. But what I really like is her outfit, especially how the leggings shape themselves. It’s a neat effect and brings out all of the sexiness and seductiveness in her character.

A neat character, even more so, her outfit, from collar to red heels, does bring something for me to ponder…



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