Cheap and tacky thy name is costume…

Woman's Devil CostumeI was looking through a certain website the other day and typed in “tacky devil costume”. Now, I didn’t expect that to actually work, but it did and when the page loaded, this hot mess appeared.

This is simply called the Woman’s Devil Costume and it comes with this very plain, very tacky and very cheap dress and horns. The shoes are not included and it sells for $20 US.

There’s actually a lot of comments about this costume, not one of which is positive in any real way. I especially thought that “cheap, cheap and more cheap” was right on the nose.

There’s nothing flattering about this costume, nothing sexy and the overwhelming cheapness just cannot be ignored. The hem is silly, the sheer fringe is awful as well.

There’s just nothing here that brings any kind of attractiveness. Then, of course, are a pair of horns that look like they were made from a couple of packing peanuts stuck to a headband. It’s just beyond help and consideration.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Not worth considering at any price, as you get exactly what you re paying for I think.



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