Succubi Image of the Week 568

There aren’t that many succubi who are seen wearing pink or having pink hair. It takes a certain look, a playfulness in their being for that colour to work. This time on the Tale, pink is cute and a cute succubus has pink hair and a bit more. She might not be all pink, but she’s cute and that’s what matters after all…

Pink Temptation by Meawsy

Pink Temptation by Meawsy


This work is by the artist Meawsy and you can find their DeviantArt page here and the page where I found this art can be found here as well.

I like the mixture of pink against her black outfit, stockings, gloves and wings. Lovely pink eyes go really well with her pink hair as well. Her blush is adorably cute, her horns work well with her body shape too. There’s a little hint of her being quite naughty beyond her innocence and that’s even more adorable.

A lovely sexy cute pink succubus with a little undertone of evil is delightful to find…



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