December 2018 archive

Succubi Image of the Week 571

Cleo with short hair (Fantasy War Tactics) by InquisitorAles

For the final Succubi Image of the Week for 2018, something that’s slightly anime-ish in look and feel. While it is, and there’s no question of that, it’s the outfit this succubus character is wearing which just captivates me and brings a rather bemused smile as well. I have to admit I think I’d like …

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It’s for a 70s themed disco Succubi costume really

Devilishly Yours Platform Boots

The 1970s were, and are, something that really should remain in the past as much as possible. Still there are example of what can be only described as Disco Devil Girl costumes and I suppose that these heels would work. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t tacky however. These are the Devilishly Yours Platform Boots. …

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Succubi Image of the Week 570

Succubus by Saiivee

There are some succubus artwork in which, at least to me, there’s a little hint of some other fictional character, in a way. I find that interesting, how the idea gets ,mixed in and what that might lead to. Of course, along the way, it also brings about so many thoughts about what the story …

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Glitter boots are a bit too much for a Succubi Costume

Devil Glitter Boots

There’s always a need for the right accessory for a succubi costume and I tend to be just about as critical about my heels as my horns. A tacky or ugly pair of heels can just ruin a seductive look at best and at worst be a painful thing to wear. Much like these boots. …

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A Review of A Fetish For Fur by Annitia L. Jackson

A Fetish For Fur by Annitia L. Jackson

The more complications that exist between characters in a story, the more convolved the results can be. It’s not just a question of who they are alone however. What matters more is if there’s any possibility of them finding a way from the darkness that surrounds them to something better, however that may well be. …

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Succubi Image of the Week 569

Wicked Intent by AmericanDork

One of the themes that seems, at least to me, not appear often with Succubi characters is that of a punk-ish one. That’s not to say they don’t appear, but rather they tend to be more evil than anything else and they don’t invoke the feeling of a character who is more than just  a …

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Cheap and tacky thy name is costume…

Woman's Devil Costume

I was looking through a certain website the other day and typed in “tacky devil costume”. Now, I didn’t expect that to actually work, but it did and when the page loaded, this hot mess appeared. This is simply called the Woman’s Devil Costume and it comes with this very plain, very tacky and very cheap …

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