Nov 29 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 567

Something a little bit… “cutely lewd” this time as the Succubi Image of the Week here on the Tale. I do love succubi tails, they are the most naughty of things after all. But it’s a bit rare to see them twined around someone, or something. Perhaps in this art the question isn’t if the succubus is being “lewd” but rather how “lewd” her tail is going to be.

Cute succubus NSFW by XaioShadow

Cute succubus NSFW by XaioShadow


This work is by the artist XaioShadow on DeviantArt and you can find their artist’s page here and the page on DeviantArt where I found this work can be seen here as well.

She is being just a little bit lewd, obviously, but there’s just something about her smile and eyes that’s adorable. Cute horns, her ponytail is perfect for her too. But really it’s her tail, and it’s a sparkly one it seems, that gives me a smile and a bit of a giggle.

Cutely temptation works really well in this art and i think that’s wonderful…



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