Succubi Image of the Week 564

Occasionally I discover a work of succubus art that I find delightful. The art is lovely, the character gives me pause to consider and, sometimes, the title of the work just fits perfectly. An image then this week of a succubus who, really, is perfectly good.

Perfectly Good by Korpikuu

Perfectly Good by Korpikuu


This work is by the artist Korpikuu and you can find their page on DeviantArt here and the original page with this work can be found here as well.

She’s a wonderfully demure looking succubus as a whole, from her expression through the lovely corset ensemble she’s wearing. Interesting horns, they do work quite well with her overall style. I think her wings might be a little small, though that’s my personal preference really.

The stunning amount of detail in her corset and top makes it really the focus here and in being so I think that focus leads nicely towards her eyes and expression. I do wonder about her, what her story is and in that, perhaps, is a story to mull over…



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