A YouTube about Succubi Lore in Dungeons and Dragons

Succubi have been a part of Dungeons and Dragons from the beginning and while they have been, at times it’s been a little disappointing in the lack of sensuality and sexuality that they have. In later editions that undercurrent of sexuality and its use in controlling the… more feeble-minded and otherwise, has come a bit more to the fore.

It’s the changing lore of the succubi and incubi in the D&D universe that i think is interesting and I found a YouTube that has some quite interesting things to say about succubi and the D&D universe…


If you can’t see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

The story told in the beginning sets up nicely how succubi appear and act in D&D. In another way it also brings to mind a story idea or two. Regardless of that, it’s just interesting to me to hear this perspective and consider where it might go within the D&D universe as a whole.

The succubi do like to play in the shadows, tempting and suggesting to others what they should do. It’s a start, at least to their power, but what’s missing is, I think, the reality of just how much influence succubi have and how hidden that really is.



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