Succubi Image of the Week 562

It’s just less than one week to Halloween and with the time of Realm Halloween Balls and the delights that appear, a Succubi Queen’s thoughts turn towards a bemused smile. I do enjoy finding images in which there’s a smile that holds temptation, delight and wonder. Thus, for this week’s Succubi Image, a succubus who knows exactly what she wants for Halloween.

Cleo by scrson

Cleo by scrson

This is the creation of the artist scrson on Pixiv and you can find the page where I found this art here.

There’s so much to love about this art in so many ways. Her outfit is just amazing, lovely wings, her eyes are brimming with delight and her smile, most of all, expresses how pleased she is and what she just knows, without a doubt, will, or who, will come next.

She just looks right, there’s really no other way to express how everything about her just works so dearly well. I do wish she had a tail, that seems be the thing for me that keeps her from being wonderfully seductive and bemused.

It does bring the question of her story, what this moment represents. I sort of see this as the night before Halloween and she’s found someone that interests her. That’s a story to tell sometime I think.



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