Succubi Image of the Week 561

Halloween creeps closer and as the lovely night draws closer, succubi have their own little surprises along the way. Perhaps a party or gathering of some kind would be approaching. Even a banquet held by a succubus is something to behold. An image then this time on the Tale of a seductress and the aftermath of her gathering.

Lady Succubus' Banquet by Banjiu E'vik

Lady Succubus’ Banquet by Banjiu E’vik

This art is the creation of Banjiu E’vik and you can find the original page on ArtStation with this work here.

While there is a little hint of evil, perhaps even a bit of horror, overall I don’t think that overcomes the delight I have in the look of this succubus at all. A lovely smile, her look is “evil cute” which works really well. Her outfit fits well, her expression is a telling mix of cute, innocent and irresistible temptation.

Cute wings, her horns are just right for her, but she’s missing a tail, which I think is a real shame. Regardless, a banquet before Halloween hosted by a succubus is one thing. A ball held by a Succubi Queen is quite another.



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