Succubi Image of the Week 560

There are some quite amazing works in which the personality of the succubus character comes through really well. It can be their pose, an expression perhaps. These are the images which draw questions about the succubus themselves and what is the story behind them. An image this week of a succubus character that feels like they would fit perfectly into the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

Comm: Vladriel by SicilianValkyrie

Comm: Vladriel by SicilianValkyrie

This art is the creation of the artist SicilianValkyrie on DeviantArt who’s page you can find here and this art can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

There’s a lovely adventurer look and it’s not sexual or over the top in being seductive. It does show there’s a strength in her, a story behind that, and that’s interesting. While she seems to be a succubus, considering she has a sword as well would suggest that there are other skills she has honed over time.

That’s the story here that I wonder about, the fight against her nature, the focus it took to learn skills so that she need not be “just a succubus”. For characters that are more than what they are, but rather have the story of why they are to tell, make for amazing things.



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