Succubi Image of the Week 559

it is October and Halloween is just over the darkening horizon. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a cute and fun succubus for the Image of the Week. Succubi come in all shapes and forms and when they are cute and their tails are somewhat different that does bring me a smile.

Lilith by KattsuNeko

Lilith by KattsuNeko

This work is by the artist KattsuNeko and the original page I found this work can be found on DeviantArt here while this artist’s page can be found here.

Lovely stockings, she’s so adorably cute with her blush and seemingly embarrassed nature here. The hearts are a cute little touch and I think they work well with her overall image. She does have a rather unique tail, which does bring about some amusing thoughts about what it can do.

Lovely hair, a delightful smile and there’s just something endearing about her that I really enjoy. Cuteness for succubi, when used to attract others, can be the most seductive power of all.



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