October 2018 archive

A Vimeo Succubus short that’s quite striking

Succubus by Roman Shonokhov and Violetta Grehova

On this, the last Saturday before Halloween, I’m going to share a Vimeo video short which, most likely, won’t be easy to see as it’s rather mature. Still, the imagery is striking, the music personally does nothing for me, but there’s just something about the model in this short, her poise and expressions that set …

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Succubi Image of the Week 562

Cleo by scrson

It’s just less than one week to Halloween and with the time of Realm Halloween Balls and the delights that appear, a Succubi Queen’s thoughts turn towards a bemused smile. I do enjoy finding images in which there’s a smile that holds temptation, delight and wonder. Thus, for this week’s Succubi Image, a succubus who …

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I might not like this costume, but it does give me an idea

Demonique Hell Mistress Costume

It’s one week to Halloween and for this, the last costume to mull over before Halloween, something that’s supposed to be dominant, supposed to be sexy and supposed to be evil. The funny thing is that there’s just enough frill in this costume to wreck all of those things instantly. This is called the Demonique Hell …

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A Review of The Futa and the Devil by KayDee Sommers

The Futa and the Devil by KayDee Sommers

There comes a point in a story series where the main character needs to find themselves. Perhaps not just in a state of mind, but more in an understanding of what matters most to them. If nothing else, resolving their internal conflict tends to bring something that makes them a lot more interesting. A review …

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A YouTube of Morrigan and Ghost Rider’s scenes

Marvel vs. Capcom Morrigan Scene

I have never played Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, nor really do I expect I ever will. That said, Morrigan Aensland makes her appearance in this game, which just makes me smile. There’s an interesting scene between Morrigan and Ghost Rider which the YouTube I’m sharing this time shows. In the event the video can’t be seen …

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Succubi Image of the Week 561

Lady Succubus' Banquet by Banjiu E'vik

Halloween creeps closer and as the lovely night draws closer, succubi have their own little surprises along the way. Perhaps a party or gathering of some kind would be approaching. Even a banquet held by a succubus is something to behold. An image then this time on the Tale of a seductress and the aftermath …

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Occasionally a cape has possibilities for a costume

Demons and Devils Fire Costume Cape

Personally I don’t care for capes all that much and that’s mainly because they look odd or the way they are attached just bothers me. That said, the choices I make tend to make capes not work in the first place as well. However, I came across possibly the first cape that I rather like, …

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