A Review of Invasion of the Sorority Bee Girls by KayDee Sommers

Invasion of the Sorority Bee Girls by KayDee Sommers

Invasion of the Sorority Bee Girls by KayDee Sommers

A review of the second work in the Futa Academy series by KayDee Sommers today on the Tale. It’s something of a world building pause in the series overall, which has its moments and offers some interesting problems for Brittany, the main character to deal with.

Sometimes there needs to be more to a story and the main character than just the sex alone. It’s getting past the obvious that can bring something to the work and offer a means for the story to become something more.

The work tells of:

For Brittany, life as a futa succubus is full of surprises. Left with little idea of how to lead her new life, Brittany attempts to be the same college girls she always was. The need to feed on the desire of others, though, will lead her to the Beta Sigma Xi sorority, where the college girls are beautiful and very odd. What she discovers will open up a world of possibilities, if she can escape the clutches of the sorority Queen with her mind and body intact!

Brittany’s problems aren’t getting any better. She’s a succunus, but has no idea what that really means or how to deal with it. Her need overcomes her good sense and she discovers that succubi aren’t the only hunters around her, and she’s deeply involved in something she has no idea how to deal with.

The work continues to be mainly focused on the futa aspects of Brittany’s character, her need, and how that drives her both in personality and erotic encounters. The mind control aspects of the story are quite more present both from Brittany and in her being drawn into the clutches of the bee girls she encounters.

There’s a good deal of world building in this part of the series which was interesting and I liked in general. The hints of something larger going on that turned Brittany into a succubus told of paths the series might be taking. There are some points where the story gets a bit stuck in the erotica and it would have been nice for more to be revealed than was.

The erotica has some heat, though at times the sex wasn’t as hot as the mind control aspects of the story were. That said, the appearance of the bee girls and their reveal was well done. I think they, especially one character in particular, was far more telling in her powers than Brittany seemed to be. There really isn’t much of Brittany being a succubus beyond the erotica and the bits of mind control she displays, the story mainly is about the bee girls, which are interesting, but seemed to take something away from the buildup of the first work in the series.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The ending brings an interesting new character into the mix which might lead the series towards something more succubi and incubi focused. But that we’ll have to see in the next part of the series.


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