Sep 12 2018

It’s certainly not a costume fit for a Queen…

Devil Queen CostumeOccasionally there are throwback costumes which have a bit of a medieval theme to them when it comes to devil costumes. Some aren’t exactly what I would call sexy, many are rather cheap looking as well. But really it’s the question of just how heavy the costume is, and why someone would consider it in the first place?

This is called the Devil Queen Costume and it comes with the hoop dress, the horns and the choker this model is wearing, the wig is not included. It can be found on many discount costume sites for around $35 US.

Overall, there’s really not much that’s attractive. The material is a bit plain, there’s a bit of an unfinished look as well to this. Beyond that, the horns I don’t care for, the wig, while making sense here, isn’t that great either.

Overall, removing the horns would leave what amounts to a slightly gaudy dress that isn’t exactly what I would think as being flattering. The sort-of flames on the chest don’t look all that good either.

Nothing that I would really consider, and there’s nothing here that could be improved on, mainly because of the theme used.

One pitchfork out of five, and I’m being generous again…



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