Sep 06 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 555

For this, the 555th Succubi of the Week, a piece of art which I think has a little bit of a “red riding hood” look. That amuses me quite a lot actually, and I do so enjoy when my amusement becomes… bemusement.

Succubus by NSU

Succubus by NSU

You can find the original page on Pixiv where I found this art here.

This is just such a delightfully cute succubus from her horns to her stockings. Her dress is sexy but a the same time its not crass in any way. I like that because it goes so well with her body shape and the expression she has.

She might not quite be “little red riding hood” but she might be the Succubi version, which is something I should ponder sometime more than I have.

Amazing art, she just looks right, the scene is perfect for her and there’s just something about being cute and sexy that just works so well here.



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