A cape and horns do not a sexy succubus costume make…

Pretty Flame Devil CostumeYet another look at costume accessories which attempt to be attractive, are somewhat underwhelming presented, and are disappointing. I suppose there’s a market for this look, but there is a point at which a costume designer should put more work into their craft.

For today’s mull, I’ll be focusing on the horns and the cape this model is wearing because that’s all this listing has for offer.

This is the Pretty Flame Devil Costume, which includes only the horns headband and the cape this model is wearing, it sells for $20 US on some discount costume sites.

There’s really nothing here at all to consider. It’s just plain and not at all sexy, there’s nothing attractive in it at all overall. Even considering the entire look this model has doesn’t help at all as it looks cheap and thrown together.

I suppose it might be something to be worn when the younger set are milling about, but beyond that I can’t see the point of this.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Nothing I would consider, doesn’t have a whisper of sexy in it at all. Perhaps calling it tame would be giving it some credit, but even that’s being generous.

There’s far better than this, without question.



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