September 2018 archive

A rather odd Vimeo Succubus Film Short

Succubus by Nicholas Decker

Sometimes I come across a short film about succubi that, for one reason or another, isn’t really what might be expected. It’s these sort of films that give me pause to reflect on their commentary and the ideas they explore.   In case you cannot see this film here on the Tale, please try this …

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A Review of Invasion of the Sorority Bee Girls by KayDee Sommers

Invasion of the Sorority Bee Girls by KayDee Sommers

A review of the second work in the Futa Academy series by KayDee Sommers today on the Tale. It’s something of a world building pause in the series overall, which has its moments and offers some interesting problems for Brittany, the main character to deal with. Sometimes there needs to be more to a story …

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Succubi Image of the Week 558

Satisfy by lllannah

Art of Succubi which gives a different look interests me. I find it brings more story ideas, thoughts about why they appear as they do. Perhaps it’s a means to expanding one’s view of succubi and who they are. Something a bit different then this week on the Tale in which the mystery enveloping this …

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A pair of costume wings to consider…

Red Feather Wings

Another of my occasional thoughts about costume accessories to consider. I’ve never added wings to any of my costumes, and certainly the SuccuDress wouldn’t look right with them. But there are something to think about for some designs. There aren’t many I like, but the set here is one that’s popped up on quite a …

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A Review of How to Make a Succubus by KayDee Sommers

How to Make a Succubus by KayDee Sommers

One of the powers of the Succubi is, quite naturally, the use of mind control or at least persuasion, on those souls they encounter that might need a little push to, well, come along for the ride. If that’s dome well in a story, and it makes some sense, it’s a really good means to …

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A lovely WIP YouTube of a different sort of Succubus

Artwork: Morrigan Succubus by Rosalhymn

I’ve never heard of Monster Girl Quest Paradox prior to finding the YouTube that I am sharing today on the Tale. That said, this art is wonderfully fun and just makes me smile. I do love cute succubus art and this work just is so delightfully fun.   If you can’t see this video here …

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Succubi Image of the Week 557

Morrigan Aenslan_swimsuit by NeoArtCorE

Summer has passed by, at least the official last day of summer is approaching quite quickly. Even with the coming of fall and the cooling of temperatures, there’s never a bad time for a Image of the Week which features Morrigan Aensland in a bikini. This art is the work of the artist NeoArtCorE and …

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