Succubi Image of the Week 554

Succubi and lingerie go very well together. There’s something about a sexy succubi in lingerie with a come-hither look that just is delightfully seductive. This time then on the Tale, an example of a succubus who knows that lingerie’s temptation is for always.

Summer Komi by 真純/獅子麿

Summer Komi by 真純/獅子麿

I discovered this work on Pixiv and you can find the original page with this art here.

This art is just so wonderfully sexy and cute.There’s a lovely tease from her expression, the naughty placing of her hands really adds to that so well. Love the stockings, the little lace touches work really well too.

Her skin tone is perfect, her body shape just looks right in so many ways too. Amazing deep eyes, her tail is perfect for her, lovely hair style and her horns just look right. That all comes together to create what’s overall a tempting succubus looking for someone to tease.

And I really like that thought.



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