Aug 27 2018

Important By TeraS

Today, in one of the rare combinations of the universe, is both story day on the Tale and is also my Eternal’s birthday. Let me tell you a story about the red-tailed Eternal whom I love. Not that I haven’t before, or won’t again, mind you, but let me try and put into words, as meagre as they are, something special on this day. Being the King of the Incubi, after all, means something …


By TeraS


There are constants in the universe, things which happen at prescribed times, events which come to pass and then, at some point, happen again. Birthdays are like that. They are instances where—and when—events unfold and important things happen.

There are times when a birthday comes and there’s a feeling that, perhaps, it isn’t important, that it doesn’t really matter if there’s something to mark it or celebrate it. Some are more inclined to try to let it slip by quietly, with little fuss or bother. There are, they are quite sure, more important things on various agendas than taking up precious time with something which feels like it isn’t important.

Some Eternals were like that.

These were the thoughts of a certain wild-ebon-maned Queen of the Realm as she curled up with her Eternal in bed. The clock on their nightstand had just clicked over past midnight as those thoughts had been milling about in her mind. Tera understood, better than anyone, why Keith thought that way sometimes. She was much the same way, not expecting anything on her own birthday. Again, it was a matter of not really being able to see what was so important about celebrating one single day a year.

She was spooned against Keith, red satin sheets pooled about their bodies as the night passed from one date on the calendar to the next one. She’d draped one slender leg over his, rubbed fingers over the sheets and traced along Keith’s arm lightly. The Queen was at peace here, with her Eternal, a cheek resting against his shoulder, listening to his measured breathing, feeling the heat of his body against her own.

He shifted slightly. She couldn’t help the light smile that played over her lips. The silk took her kiss, as it was covering her Eternal’s skin. She did have something important to tell him, but it would wait. That thought cradled Tera as she held him close.

Keith had felt her body, the touch of her fingers, the slow rubbing of her leg against his own. He’d drawn against Tera’s form, being warmed as she spooned with him. The universe beyond their bed could wait, it wasn’t as important as it thought it was. Tera’s lips were hot through the sheet. He felt the touch, the warmth, the intimacy of soulmates together. The red digits of their clock glowed in the night as he regarded them. Just past midnight now . . . it was, technically, his birthday. A deep breath came and he felt Tera shift as he drew it. He’d hoped not to keep her awake; it was important they managed some decent sleep once in a while—although he had to admit it was fun when they didn’t. But he had something important to say, not that it couldn’t wait until later.

The Eternals lay together as the clock continued to mark time. Midnight fell behind as the witching hours came and went. So-green eyes watched over a mane of messy brown hair as red lips held a smile. Her hand slipped off Keith’s shoulder, a slender tanned arm draped across his chest, drawing one Eternal closer to the other. Tera had nuzzled against Keith’s body as she felt his fingers entwine with her own. There was no time like the present to say the important things. Crimson lips came close, parting to deliver a message carried by warm breath to waiting ears: “I’ve got something important to tell you.”

Keith drew Tera’s fingers to his lips to kiss her palm, hearing her words, the promise in them. The sheets became tangled as two pairs of so-green eyes found each other in the night. His voice was warm against Tera’s lips as he moved closer to deliver his own message: “Me too.”

Her smile was bemused as she regarded the Eternal who had captured her heart, whom, she knew, Goddess had fashioned just for her, and she for him. His own smile was knowing and sure as Tera’s reply whispered over the sheets, “Oh?”

They both knew what the important thing was. It wasn’t a secret, something to be kept under lock and key. The words were released throughout the year, but on two days the words were more important. On this day it was Keith’s turn to say them first. It was, after all, his birthday.

“I love you.”

Not just on this day, but every day, three little words that were the most important of all. Two red-tails bound for eternity and always so; every breath they took, every smile, every glance spoke of the love they shared for one another, and that proclamation echoed throughout the cosmos. But, in the grandness of the universe, in all of the splendour that surrounded them, every day was important for those words being spoken.

“Love you always. Happy birthday, my love.”

It was, truly, important.

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